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Queens Podcast

Thanks for joining us! Can I get you a drink?

Mar 26, 2017

Today in our first bad and boujee episode we drink a poison cocktail and discuss Lucrezia Borgia. Was she the murderous, incestious femme fatale that history has written her off to be? Or was she  just a pawn used by the men in her life?


Intro music by J Sparks Featuring Beyond Belief. 

Mar 20, 2017

Today we drink wine & discuss Cleopatra VII of Egypt and all her general awesomeness. Also, Nathan asks the age old question-- did they have bedazzlers in Ancient Egypt?


Intro music by J Sparks Featuring Beyond Belief.
Licensed under creative commons by Attribution license...

Mar 5, 2017

Today in our maiden voyage we pair a Greyhound cocktail with the tragic story of The Lady Jane Grey. 

Mar 5, 2017

Hi, We're Katy & Nathan & we are here to gab all about the badass women rulers in history. This is our intro. Do we still need practice in editing? Yes. But do you get the jist? 


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